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TNT MERCURY PRIME BCAA has been carefully modelled around the leading edge of sports nutrition research, with the correct 2:1:1 Branch Chain Amino Acid ratios, supplying 7 g of fermented BCAAs per serving, a tested dosage that will become your ultimate workout catalyst.

Research shows that BCAAs are a vital component of exercise performance as they serve to protect lean muscle mass during intense physical activity, support muscle tissue recovery after training and they may play a role in reducing the onset of muscle soreness in your post workout phase, so that you can get the most out of your training and be ready to go again.

Unlike most other dietary amino acids, BCAAs are essential to the human body, and they are critical for hypertrophy and lean mass maintenance. Their pathway of metabolism is also unique as BCAAs are immediately available to the working muscle tissue, making BCAAs an essential supply of energy during your workouts, regulating glucose metabolism and ensuring your best performance and recovery levels.

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