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TNT Mercury - Vitargo

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Imported under license from Sweden. Patented and Clinically backed performance carbohydrate. Arguably the best carbohydrate in the world. No gut bloat. Clears the gut faster due to its massive molecular weight.

Vitargo® is a patented high-performance carbohydrate. The distinguishing factors between Vitargo® and regular carbohydrate sources is its high molecular mass (500 000 – 700 000) and low osmolality (this refers to the amount of water that is absorbed by the carbohydrate). These two significant attributes mean Vitargo® clears the gut faster and has little to no bloat factor. Its molecular profile is vastly different from regular sugars like maltodextrin and dextrose which have approximately 1 000 - 10 000 and 180 respectively.

The post-training “anabolic window” has widely been publicized as the most critical time to replenish glycogen stores. This brief window of opportunity is when your body will drastically absorb nutrients - much like a sponge to water - in order to build more muscle.

Vitargo® claims, after clinical data review, that it will replenish depleted reserves up to 63% faster than other regular carbohydrates. The amount of available glycogen (muscle energy) is determined by how efficiently the gut can empty those sugars into the bloodstream. The higher the osmolality, the more gastric emptying is delayed and the slower glycogen can be released from the intestine and be made available to the muscle. Vitargo® has a very low osmolality and clears the gut faster and more efficiently resulting in faster absorption and better muscle performance and recovery.

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