TNT Mercury - Black Mass
TNT Mercury - Black Mass
TNT Mercury - Black Mass

TNT Mercury - Black Mass

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High grade Protein Blend (Whey, Micellar Casein and Beef Protein). High and medium G.I. carbohydrate blend. Soy Free, Macro Specific ratio.

Black Mass satisfies every competitive strength and physique athlete’s reliance on a muscle-building, anabolic diet regimen. The steady supply of carbohydrates and muscle-building proteins creates a physiological environment conducive to muscle growth and output. Professional athletes are required to consistently replenish lost reserves every 3-4 hours with solid food, this isn’t always attainable. Black Mass has a premium blend of Whey Protein, Micellar Casein, and Beef Proteins. These proteins feed the muscle with crucial amino acid building blocks, ensuring an anabolic environment is maintained throughout the day. Along with these precious proteins Black Mass has a blend of fast, medium, and slow-release carbohydrates, designed to effectively restore depleting muscle glycogen reserves and sustain steady blood sugar levels without an excessive surge of sugars which would result in a sugar spike.

Along with these crucial macro nutrients Black Mass is also fortified with a specific blend of amino acids and creatines to further complement muscle recovery and strength. This amino matrix assists in boosting muscle output and recovery. This stack will aid in amplifying strength and repetition range for strength and physique athletes who pursue gains in lean muscle mass and poundage lifted.

Black Mass serves as a complete meal replacement solution for individuals seeking to assist their lean muscle gain objectives. It can be used as a tasty milkshake treat fortified with extra vitamins and minerals along with the perfect macro nutrient blend. This assists individuals gain lean muscle mass and offer an easily digestible treat to break a Spartan-like dietary regimen, but with no guilt normally associated with dessert flavoured shakes.

Black Mass is the perfect solution to lean muscle gain for serious athletes. The Macro nutrient blend of sustained release carbohydrates, premium proteins, added muscle-building amino acids and creatines ensures competitive athletes get the perfect premium blend of meal replacement nutrients.

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