Pharma Freak - Ripped Freak 2.0 Fat Burner

Pharma Freak - Ripped Freak 2.0 Fat Burner

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Shred stubborn abdominal fat with RIPPED FREAK® 2.0. RIPPED FREAK® 2.0 contains the latest scientific breakthrough in fat burning ingredients, which has made it the first fat burner clinically proven to target stubborn abdominal fat.

• 60 Capsules
• Servings per container: 60
• Full 30-day supply
• Serving size: 1 capsule twice daily

Our cutting-edge formula features the clinically proven ingredient complex SINETROL® which is proven to increase fat loss through a unique mechanism of action. In addition, clinical studies show that SINETROL® can specifically target and enhance abdominal fat loss.

RIPPED FREAK® 2.0 doesn’t only fight fat, but it also fights fatigue providing you with enhanced energy levels and endurance.

  • Targets stubborn abdominal fat

  • Clinically proven to increase the rate of fat breakdown and fat loss for rapid weight loss results 

  • Increases resting energy expenditure and thermogenesis

  • Backed by human clinical studies


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