Grit RX - Titan
Grit RX - Titan

Grit RX - Titan

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A well-made pre-workout is a no brainer for a CrossFitter. As CrossFit requires both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, a high-quality pre-workout can enhance both, helping you run faster, improve pull up performance, strength on the powerful lifts, reduce fatigue, and then increase your ability to recover after the workout.

TITAN GRIT RX Ticks All The Essential Ingredient Boxes You Need To Make Your WOD Scores Soar!!

CrossFit is one of the most challenging sports or physical events on the planet, combining a mixture of many training disciplines and utilizing every energy system in one grueling workout.
The addition of TITAN GRIT RX, a CrossFit specific, research-proven Pre-Workout, will have a tremendous impact on aspects of performance such as Strength, Endurance, Aerobic Fitness, Focus and Energy Capacity, your WOD scores will soar!

• Fight Fatigue
• Focused Energy
• Increase Strength
• Improve Recovery
• A Clinically Dosed Formula

GRIT RX Is Fully Loaded!

Ingredient Highlight:

6000MG L – Citrulline Malate *Clinical Dose*
Boosts Nitric Oxide, helping to improve blood flow throughout the body,
Benefitting training volume & muscular endurance during longer WODS and
training days.

3200MG – Beta Alanine *Clinical Dose*
Mat Fraser, 5 Time CrossFit Games Champion, describes Beta-Alanine supplementation
as giving him a “Third Lung” Why? Because a Clinical Dose, 3200MG,
of Beta-Alanine buffers acid build up in the muscles helping you go longer & harder.

2000MG – Creatine Hydrochloride *Clinical Dose*
If your goals involve increasing strength, improving body composition, or sprinting faster, creatine is a necessity,
It also has the added benefits of reducing muscle cramps and attenuating core temperature which is especially beneficial for CrossFit athletes.
Creatine Hydrochloride is a more stable and soluble form of Creatine, it is fast absorbing, causes no bloating and is the most concentrated form of Creatine available.

2500MG – Betaine Anhydrous *Clinical Dose*
Betaine has proven to be a powerful and effective Ergogenic Aid* – Enhanced Energy Production To Give You A Competitive Advantage*
Studies have shown that Betaine Anhydrous Enhance Strength, Power and Endurance Capacity.
Improving Overall Athletic Performance and Resistance Training Protocols.

Betaine enhances Creatine Function for greater Strength
– Decreased muscle breakdown– Increased Anaerobic Power in key lifts.
Betaine assists in Cellular Hydration – reducing the negative impact of dehydration during training,
– Controlled Heart Rate and a lowered Core Temperature – for increased Endurance

20 Loaded Servings, Net Wt.400g

Directions For Use:
As a dietary supplement mix one level scoop with 250ml – 300ml cold water 15-20min prior to workout. If you are sensitive to caffeine mix half a scoop to assess tolerance. Do not exceed one level scoop in a 24 hour period. Scoop is for guidance only – please weigh your serving for exact dosage.

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