Meal Prep Like A Pro!

Meal Prep Like A Pro!

Are you struggling to juggle between exercising, work and your personal life while trying to figure out what to eat every day? It’s time to start meal prepping like a pro!

Working out, eating healthy and balanced meals, staying within budget, packing your gym bag, ordering your supplements – can get extremely overwhelming. Hours go by so fast in our everyday lives, that continuously trying to make sure that your meals ties in well with your goals, will eventually feel like a daunting task. Meal prepping allows you to organise multiple pre-prepared meals that would ordinarily last you an entire week. This alone cuts out factors such as spending time cooking daily and wasting money on quick and often unhealthy foods.

See these following tricks to start meal prepping like a pro!

  • Schedule a time to ensure that you get through all that you need to prep and cook your meals. The best way to do this is to do it all at once. This might take a few hours or even a good amount of your day so schedule well, throw in your favourite jams and get through these hours in a breeze.
  • You will need good quality set of plastic containers. Invest in a bunch of these as you don’t want to find yourself realizing that you are left with less than you thought you had after all the work you’ve put into cooking. Another quick tip with these is to get the same size that have the same divisions – this makes it easier to store and to scale and measure your daily proportions.


  • Save yourself time and any kind of frustration by planning out your meals beforehand. Figuring out what you plan on prepping allows for the process to flow smoother than it would without any planning. Amongst plenty other benefits, planning allows you to make sure that you have every ingredient that you need which saves you the trouble of having to figure too many things out while you’re in the process of prepping.


  • Buy what you need. Meal prepping and being happy on your fitness journey can get you carried away. It happens to the best of us. Being able to stick to your budget and plan well financially will put you at a huge advantage! A few spoils here and there never hurt but try implementing a structure by creating a list and buying what you need.


  • Now that you had listed what you need, bought what your ingredients and created realistic goals for yourself and your lifestyle, try to not overdo it. Take it step by step to figure out what will work best for you. For example, don’t throw yourself into the deep end by prepping for breakfast, lunch and supper when you are a beginner, rather aim at prioritizing your busiest moments out of your days and prep for that – such as meal prepping for dinners because you know you won’t be able to cook after a long work day, prepping for breakfasts because you know that your mornings are chaotic or prepping for your lunches because you want to avoid indulging in foods that won’t serve your goals as you are away from the comfort of your home.

    Once you have it all packed and ready, you can start adding more prepping to your daily eating routines!


  • Don’t forget to consider the freshness of your food. You will most likely use fresh produce which can influence the quality and taste of your meal. Consider the expiry date of all your other ingredients. Freezing a few dishes then taking them out 24 hours before you plan on enjoying may be very helpful as well.

Fitness journeys should be turned into lifestyle changes! Find your eating plans here and meal prep like a pro! For more fitness tips, innovative product launches, and discount deals – follow us on social media and sign up to our #YellowArmy email list. To shop our products click here!